Classroom Community

I believe all classroom and behavior management strategies should be built around fostering a classroom environment that is grounded in kindness, respect, responsibility, and perseverance. 

Classroom Contract

To create a strong classroom community, I will work with students to make a chart that highlights four important things: being kind, showing respect, taking responsibility, and never giving up.

Morning Meeting

To continue building our classroom community, I intend to have a daily morning meeting where we welcome everyone, ask how they're doing, and provide an opportunity for students to share. 

Social/Emotional Learning

As a teacher, I believe that when SEL is woven into the daily schedule students grow not only socially, but academically. I plan to incorporate SEL into various academic areas, morning meeting, and a closing circle. SEL promotes strong relationships and skills students will carry with them well into adulthood.

Collaborative Learning

I believe students can learn just as much from one another as they can learn from their teacher. Collaborative learning also allows for students to form strong relationships with each other as they work towards a common goal.

Behavior Management


Students in my class will be encouraged to display positive behavior when in the classroom, hallway, and during specials by working toward a collective goal. When the class is following expectations and going above and beyond, they will be rewarded with a letter. These letters may spell LUNCH which would be lunch with the teacher, EXTRA which would be extra recess, or PAJAMA which would be a pajama party.


I plan to begin the year by reading the story Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. This story discusses how showing kindness to one another not only affects the person you are being kind to, but also yourself. When students are caught following expectations, lending a helping hand, or showing kindness to one another they will be able to add a pom pom ball to their own bucket. Students can earn a variety of prizes by filling their own bucket.

Classroom Management

My Classroom management will involve setting expectations surrounding how students should sound, look, and engage in the classroom and how they should interact with supplies and materials. Expectations, routines, and procedures will be clearly laid out early in the school year and modeled for and by students. Finally, students will be given ample time to practice all classroom procedures to ensure year-long success.


In my classroom, I plan to use the first six weeks of school to introduce various routines and procedures, model these procedures with students, and give them many opportunities to practice the classroom routines and procedures. I believe routine and structure helps students to feel safe and to know what to expect each and every day they enter the classroom. 


As a classroom teacher, I am aware of the importance of consistency. In the classroom, I will be consistent with my expectations for students when following routines and procedures, consistent with my behavior management strategy, and consistent with the ways I handle behavior that is not in alignment with our classroom contract or is disruptive to learning. Students in the classroom carry expectations of me that I will meet and I will in turn carry expectations of them.

Challenging Behavior

I believe all behavior is a form of communication and it is important to get to the cause of certain behaviors. Through relationship-building, classroom management, and behavior management, I plan to mitigate the level of disruptive or unkind behavior in my classroom. As a teacher, it is inevitable we will encounter students who display behavior that is either disruptive or unkind, so I have a plan in place for responding to student behavior that is not aligned with our classroom contract or is disruptive to their own learning or the learning of other students within the classroom.

In addition to following the steps laid out in this plan when responding to certain behaviors, I understand the importance of continuing to reward students when they show positive behavior, checking in with students on a day-to-day basis to see what support they may need from me, and working diligently to help students make choices that are conducive with a safe learning environment.