Backward Design

As I've grown as a teacher, I've learned to plan my lessons using a method called backward design. This way of planning helps me make sure that my lessons are aligned with the learning standards set by Ohio State, and that they take into account the unique needs and backgrounds of my students. Here are the steps I take when I plan my lessons using backward design, along with some examples of how I've used it to plan lessons in different subjects.

English Language Arts 

Formative Assessment

Lesson Plan and Lesson Slideshow

Primary P-5 Lesson Plan
Ask and Answer Questions.pdf


Formative Asessment

Commutative Propety Exit Ticket

Lesson Plan

Justus, Lesson Plan #2


Graphic Organizer

Opinion Writing.pdf

Lesson Slideshow

Copy of Opinion Writing Unit


Formative Assessment

Is It Matter?

Lesson Plan and Lesson Slideshow

Primary P-5 Lesson Plan
Matter Slideshow.pdf

Interdisciplinary Social Studies/ELA

Formative Assessments

John's Budget
What We Learned Today Graphic Organizer

Lesson Plan and Lesson Slideshow

Justus, Lesson Plan #3
Budget Slideshow.pdf