To form strong relationships with students and their families, I plan to make personal and positive contact with a handful of families each and everyday. I plan to do this using positive notes sent home, phone calls, and/or online communication. 

Phone Calls

I plan to use phone calls home frequently, to relay good news or to speak with families about their students behavior in the classroom. I will also use phone calls to set up any meetings that may be necessary.

Positive Notes

A note home in a students take home folder is another way I plan to not only encourage the student, but to continue relationship building with the families of my students. 

Online Communication

I plan to use a digital tool, like ClassTag, to stay in frequent contact with families. This tool will be used to send out quick reminders, to make positive contact with families about their students' success, and to post my weekly newsletter.



As a teacher, I plan to implement a weekly newsletter as a form of communication with families. I believe newsletters are a great way to inform families about what their student is working on in the classroom, remind them of any upcoming events, and give them resources to further their students learning at home. Weekly newsletters will be sent home as a physical copy and posted for families to view electronically.



At the end of each month, I plan to self-reflect on my level of communication throughout the month with families by asking myself a series of questions: 

How often did I send home notes/make phone calls/or message families? Were my newsletters accessible to all families? Were my newsletters informative? Were families experiencing any barriers to communication? And how can we overcome those barriers?

These questions will allow me to keep track and enhance communication as the year progresses.